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Peter Billam became in 1998 the first composer to sell scores on-line, direct from composer to performer. You may now freely download, in PDF format, under generous copyright conditions, the scores of a range of Peter Billam's musical compositions and arrangements for piano, voice, recorder, flute, guitar, brass, strings and various chamber ensembles.

New !    Twenty Studies   for piano (2013-14)

New !    Famous Beginnings   of iconic pieces, arranged for piano (2014)

New !    After the War   a recent article on the history of music 1945-55

New !    Twelve Canons   is a set of strict canons (2010)

New !    The Leitmotifs of Wagner's Ring

        Muscript   the free music-typesetting software written in Perl

        MIDI   a collection of tools for handling MIDI files

Also   Esperanto,   Computing,   Laska and  Juggling