November at the Carousel

Peter Billam's new opera November at the Carousel follows the story of Jack Ruby, from two days before the assassination of President Kennedy through to the Warren Commission hearing six months later.

This subject was chosen from several alternatives because of its sustained dramatic tension, and its intimate relevance to so many people.

Currently, as a special offer, Peter Billam's other compositions and arrangements are being offered free, just in order to publicise this upcoming opera November at the Carousel.

New !    Also free are new, up-to-date versions of the opera's libretto, and of sample scenes from each of the three acts. Both these are available in PDF format, on a compromise page size 11" x 210mm which is compatible with both A4 and US Letter paper. The libretto includes the cast list, the scenes, the orchestra, and a list of references. The sample scenes are in vocal-score form, with simplified piano accompaniments.

So far November at the Carousel has taken several years work. The libretto is now in its final form. The music of the opera, or at least the vocal parts of it, is finished to the stage which you can see in the three sample scenes. The vocal score is currently 200 pages long, and the opera is expected to last for about two hours, and to take about two years to finish.

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You !

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